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There is no tracks and the way is difficult and dangerous.This has kept the Historic Summit Cairn (possibly dating back to the 1920's) safely hidden away.8th December 2017: Early Summer is a great time of year to visit the Grampians.The wildflowers are still out, water is flowing in the creeks (and waterfalls going still going), Grampians Paradise is green and the kangaroos are often in the camping ground in the evening.The enquiries for Australia Day Weekend are now coming in fast, so please book while there is still availability.

If you would like I can put your details on a cancellation list, and give you a phone call should someone cancel their Easter booking.When you contact us by email (or the inquiry form), if at all possible please provide a phone number so we can follow up after sending an email to you.Unfortunately as many as 1 in 5 of our first response emails are ending up in people junk or spam folders.It is with great excitement that we greet the news that in the coming years, that those wanting to walk to the summit of Redman Bluff will be able to do so, but it also comes also with the fear that the isolation that has keep the historic summit cairn safe till now will be lost.We ask those visiting Redman Bluff summit in the future to respect the cairn, and the history it represents for us, and that Parks Victoria, the custodians of the Grampians National Parks does every thing in its power to protect this historic land mark.

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