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It's like sports team with the same common goal-- SCORE SCORE SCORE!!! Please if anyone can help: Looking for Katie,from Hong Kong, easy to recognize, butterfly tattoo around her stomach, very short, cute, friendly. The Patriot Act does not allow ANY international purchases on prepaid cards. I just realized I have been mongering since the 1970's.

Here you can introduce yourself, make some friends in your local area, etc. You must have a card that is registered with your name, address, SS# etc for international purchases. I paid for membership about 2 weeks ago and used your site to experience a great Chinese massage, I even left a review. I agree with your assessment of how mongering has changed...mongers won't share who the good ones are..for me it's become a sure bet when I'm told they have pretty young girls, I will get old ugly ladies when I walk in...tired JICYeah, whatever happened to the white girls??? The good ones are getting harder to find, and I just feel like the hobby is changing. I seem to be disappointed every time I walk in to a parlor and find an ugly one when they always say they have pretty girls...must think we are all stupid.

I can get hard just by a hot chic blowing kisses to me lol. It also gives them the hint that you might be a return customer.

And they know that once they have you in that excited stage, they got the upper hand. I was thinking, honey I’ve heard it all before. She need to know that you know you can go else where.

-- Massage Parlor Tips for Newbies - Sounds exactly like what it was intended for. I think most of you know where they are, so I don't need to advertise to L. I also cannot see the "open" comments as I could in the past. FYI, the moment this site accepts anonymous gift cards, I will become a paying member.

I just act dumb and stumble over my words on purpose. You end up with CRAPPY service which sometimes is worse then no service. If it is my first time at a place or new provider I always try to figure out a way of telling them that I have been to other places or had other providers.

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