Kannada sxa khathe

The Student's Guide, comprising terms relating to grammar, geography, ai'ithmetic and geometry .

The Arabian Nights' Enter- taiiimeuts, translated into Canarese, by Venkut Rungo (Moodholoker).

[A ■i ti Christian tract.] (Tract and School Book Society.

A Kurg drama on the myths relating to the god Subrahmanya.] pp.

A prose adap- tation of Shakospear's ' Two Gentlemen of Ve- rona" by M.

[Padmakshana kalagavu, Sita-udayavu, and Madana-sundari-svayamvara. Three episodes from the epic Anauda-ramayana, operatically ren- dered as i/rt/rs/iu-(/a?

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  1. Contains 39 episodes in original black & white format, two of the special one-hour episodes, individually-numbered authenticity certificate, introductions by Leonard Maltin, all-new never-before-seen bonus features, exclusive Zorro pin and lithograph.