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Rogers says to his class of seven students, who have assembled at a three-story cabin in the woods in the northernmost reaches of Minnesota, just miles from the Canadian border, “Bears have a spot on the underside of their tongues that they use to pick up food.They only pick up one or two berries or nuts or ants at a time.” From a bag, Rogers scoops more peanuts into his hand as Burt attentively waits.What unites them is their interest in learning more about bears, and in this endeavor, they are not disappointed. with me.” To prove his point, he exits the cabin with a bag of hazelnuts, her favorites. But three months before this course, a six-year Colorado Parks and Wildlife black bear study reported results that challenge that core assumption and others about black bears.Michael, the retired librarian, says, “I told my wife I’d be happy if I got to see just one bear.” Fifteen minutes after he arrives at the cabin, he stands next to Burt as his classmates snap photos to send to his wife who had given him the ,500 course as a gift. isn’t the friendliest of bears,” Johnson explains, “so Lynn doesn’t want people around her just in case. The results included the conclusions that bears who eat human food do not become addicted to it, and that the increasing number of bear and human interactions does not mean that the bear population is growing, but that “bears are adapting to take advantage of urban expansion,” according to reporters who went along a recent CPW visit to monitor the bears. Lynn Rogers says as he approaches a 350-pound wild black bear that he’s named Burt.

But observed bear behavior can change, according to Rogers and the researchers in Colorado, especially in times of food scarcity, and climate change has been affecting length of hibernation and food prevalence.

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Earlier in his career, after using traditional methods of darting bears to apply tracking collars, Rogers decided that establishing a “mutual trust relationship” with bears helped humans study them and understand them better.

“I wanted to do what Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey were doing,” he says.

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This is Rogers’ first bear course of seven or eight he’ll hold in 2017. And one by one she tongues the nuts like a lizard snatching bugs.

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