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*Important: our walk-in hours have changed* We have introduced new ways to use our sexual health services.This means you will not have to wait and see a doctor if it is not necessary, as you can use our service in other ways.If you are attending to have an IUD, IUS (coil) or implant If you are having an IUS (Mirena) or an implant fitted, you must not have risked pregnancy in your current menstrual cycle; that is, no sexual intercourse since your last normal period or correctly and consistently used a reliable method of contraception (the withdrawal method and diaphragms/caps are not highly reliable methods of contraception).If you are attending to have an emergency IUD (coil) fitted An emergency IUD can be fitted up to five days after unprotected sex.

It offers a walk-in service as well as appointments.If you are attending to have an IUD or IUS (coil) removed If you want to have an IUD or IUS removed and are not planning a pregnancy, it is important that you use condoms or do not have sex for seven days before your appointment.Male patients Do not pass urine for at least two hours before you attend the clinic.Please note the time slot you reserve is a guarantee to be seen within one hour of arrival. Appointments are added to the system every Friday at 12 noon. Visit uk for further advice and travel directions for this clinic.

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